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Systems that helped Rowling & Co scale rapidly within just 3 years

From milk crates in the garage to one of the highest-performing real estate agencies on the Sunshine Coast. In this short snippet of our recent podcast, Dan uncovers the systems that assisted his agency to scale consistently and evaluate every business decision based on ROI.

When weighing up what systems you are looking to employ in your real estate business, it is important to adopt an ROI mindset, and begin to ask yourself questions like; What is the cost of not doing this? Or If I do this, what kind of ROI will I receive?

For me personally, phrasing the question like ‘what is the cost of not doing this?’ works best for me. Now I’m not a psychologist, but we as humans tend to avoid things we don’t want, and usually at all costs…well, I do anyway. So if we can trick our lizard brain (also known as the Reptilian complex) into thinking this way, then we can gear ourselves up to make the right decisions.

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