Version 4.44.67

Another busy week with a new Feed portal, REA lead updates alongside some bug fixes for emails and the text editor

Version 4.44.66

Updates Add Residental & Rental feeds for NZ for & TradeMe Can now include Aro custom regions in property alert search Various improvements to Property search in Prospecting Prevent properties being archived if there are linked listings Bug Fixes Resolved some glitches with new text editor Fixed an issue with linked listing data not […]

Version 4.44.65

Lots happening this week, updates to feeds, the rich text editor, properties, pipelines and some bug fixes

Version 4.44.64

Updates Increase character limit on Body Corporate fields on Residential Sales listings Bug Fixes Resolved a glitch with contact information being populated when sending letters Fixed an issue with SeekBusiness Feeds not adding “+SAV” for Franchise listings