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REA Appraisal Leads
New Features
Stephen Somers

New Feature: REA appraisal leads integration

Realestate.com.au has recently introduced a new lead integration option for free appraisal requests on your REA agency or agent profile. 

With this new feature: when a prospective seller or landlord completes the “Request a Free Appraisal” on REA, the prospects’ name and contact details now come into your Arosoftware account as a lead.

Release log
Stephen Somers

Version 4.45.25

Added background elements to support the new realestate.com.au appraisal leads API and service loading optimisations to improve software load times

Release log
Stephen Somers

Version 4.45.10

Updates, improvements and notice of SMS Campaigns full release scheduled for 12thApril 2023

Release log
Stephen Somers

Version 4.44.123

A number of updates to REAXML feed data, a new Feed portal and some fixes to website manager and invalid text character handling

Version 4.44.110

Updates to contacts, archiving team members and support for ‘Coming soon’ listings on REA.

Version 4.44.82

More updates to the Email Campaigns module based on feedback from Alpha release and various fixes

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