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Release log
Stephen Somers

Version 4.45.28

Make it even easier to start a social ad campaign, updates to website testimonial layouts and minor tweaks to inbound REAXML processor

Release log
Stephen Somers

Version 4.45.26

Announcing the Testimonial module refresh with a clean new look and several new options from user feedback plus adding an Amplify powered Social ad share to listings

Version 4.44.102

Improvements to listings search table and lead integrations. Bug fix to test email in campains.

Version 4.44.93

This week sees more improvements to Email Campaigns, Updates to properties and switch listing function and a couple of minor bugs resolved.

Version 4.44.92

Added Undo action to Email Campaigns, alongside numerous other updates and bug fixes

Version 4.44.88

We’re getting closer, Email campaigns is nearly here with a few more updates this week. Improved error & warning messages for REA and some fixes for inbound feeds and editing contacts

Version 4.44.85

More updates to Campaigns module, updates to Leads and Contracts and fixes to windows cards, saved searches and aging report

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