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Stephen Somers

Masterclass: Inspections

Aro Inspections Masterclass: Explore the benefits of managing your real estate listing inspections in Arosoftware.

Release log
Stephen Somers

Version 4.45.20

Pre-release of Amplify social ads campaigns, 3 new portal options plus Various minor bug fixes and improvements

Release log
Stephen Somers

Version 4.45.18

Minor bug fixes and updates in vendor reports, property alerts and SMS campaigns

Release log
Stephen Somers

Version 4.44.122

This week sees some updates to Trade Me, vendor reports and some bug fixes for archiving team members and contracts

Version 4.44.82

More updates to the Email Campaigns module based on feedback from Alpha release and various fixes

Version 4.44.75

This week sees improvements to Vendor Reports and bug fixes for the text editor, contacts and the contact importer

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