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The Q1 2024 software feature round up

Q1 2024 has been busy, with many new feature releases hitting the software. There has been a big focus on productivity features this quarter, designed to help you be as efficient and productive as possible!

Here’s what’s new…

Marketing Updates

🖥️ New Website Template: Burleigh

We’re thrilled to introduce Burleigh, the latest addition to our range of website templates. This sleek and modern design will elevate your online presence and captivate your visitors. 

📣 Owner Contacts Mail Merge Export

Export owner contacts using our mail merge export function, allowing you to create letterbox drops and other communications with ease.

Productivity Updates

🤖 New Instant Automations

You can now send automatic inspection time reminders and invitations to contacts who have enquired about your listings. This feature helps you stay on top of your lead nurturing and improve your follow-up process.

📣 Leads User Interface Upgrades

We have upgraded the leads and pipelines interface, making it easier to manage and track your leads effectively. This intuitive design ensures a smoother experience when organising and navigating your prospects.

📱 Leads in the Mobile App

Manage your leads on the go with the new leads feature in our mobile app. Stay connected and responsive to your clients wherever you are, enhancing your flexibility and efficiency.

📣 Prospecting Upgrades 

Contact bulk action: You can now assign property owners to properties, thanks to our new bulk action feature from your contacts.

Owner contacts mail merge export: Export owner contacts using our mail merge export function, allowing you to create letterbox drops and other communications with ease. 

Coming Soon in 2024

Here’s a sneak peek at some exciting features we have lined up: 

📣 Appraisals upgrades: Look forward to improvements in how appraisal leads are handled. With a kanban style pipeline to help you manage your prospects from the appraisal stage to an active listing. 

🏠 REA rating and review API integration: Import and publish your reviews left on realestate.com.au to your website, showcasing your credibility and customer satisfaction.

🤖 Automation inspection follow up: Automate your follow-up process for inspection time attendees, saving you time and effort.

🤖 OpenAI marketing systems: Enhance your marketing content with our rich text editor powered by ChatGPT, helping you create engaging and personalised communications.

📧 Email designs in single send – Send designs via the single send email form.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we continue to improve your experience and provide you with the tools you need for success in the real estate industry.

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