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Should you be using twitter as a real estate agent?

Social media is a big part of business, and if you’re questioning any of the social media channels and whether you should be using them as a real estate agent, you really should reassess what you are doing. Real estate is the business of communication and to succeed in 2018, you absolutely need to be hitting up every channel you can imagine, to compete with the rest of the field. Twitter is one of the best ways you can attract a new client base, and it’s one of the best cold calling channels you can use that doesn’t actually involve cold calling.

So, how should you use Twitter as a real estate agent?

Here are some simple ways you can get leads and more engagement with your realtor Twitter profile.

Twitter is one of the hardest social strategies to get right, and it might take some trial and error in making it work for you, but if you aren’t trying, you’re not gaining anything.

Brand Positioning

Before you even send your first tweet, you must completely understand your brand’s position. You must know whether you are going to use it as a personal account as an agent or business account as the agency, and with each choice there are certain rules you must follow to keep people engaged.

Personal profiles seem to get more momentum, but when it comes down to it, it relies on what your brand position requires of your presence.

Basic Rules of Twitter For Real Estate Agents

  • Always use high quality images or videos – tweets with videos and images have a far higher engagement rate.
  • Tweeting like you are speaking to clients at a networking event.
  • Engage with everyone, including your competitors–replying, retweeting and swapping contact details will always (eventually) get you leads.
  • Use high quality visual branding – use logos and high quality professional profile photos
  • Share your local content – be a community advocate, and your name will stick in the minds of others. People love to engage with material that is local.
  • Use local hashtags
  • Use twitter like you would cold calling. There is no better way to get in touch with hard to contact people than twitter. Utilise the convenience.

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