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Should you be using YouTube as a real estate agent?

As with any other social media channel as a real estate agent, you should be utilising everything there is about YouTube. Actually, you should be using YouTube as the basis of your content for every other channel of social media you use. Real estate is a communication business, and the best way to communicate in 2018 is with engaging content. The world has changed severely in the last 10 years, and it is proven that video engages like no other content.

Having quality videos on your YouTube channel is of vital importance, and in this modern age there really isn’t much that can stop you from achieving great videos to share on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

With affordability always being an issue in the past, it is now incredibly cheap to create amazing videos, and when it comes to real estate, the options are endless

For instance, you can purchase a high definition video drone for under $100, and when it comes to value for money – you simply cannot beat the visual appeal these types of videos can give to potential buyers.

High quality photos are also very simple to create in 2018, with the easy access to high quality cameras, and for a relatively cheap price. Using a camera like a GoPro is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create high quality digital visual campaign material.

Once you have photos and video in your possession, there are so many amazing free programs available that can have professional looking videos uploaded to your YouTube in a matter of hours.

There truly is no better way to represent your great content for your social channels to get leads and sales than YouTube.

The best part about YouTube, is that once you have created your great content and uploaded it, you can then share to virtually any social channel almost immediately, and you can create paid campaigns using it as well.

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