Version 4.44.92


  • Email Campaigns – Can now Undo / ReDo actions in the email designer for templates & campaigns.
  • Email Campaigns – Theme Feature colours now included in swatches for colour picker
  • Email Campaigns – Pricing on settled listings now factors in the “Display Sold Price” options
  • Email Campaigns – Account Logo will pull through from the ‘global settings’ field by default.
  • TradeMe Listings will now show a “Price on Application” for listings where “Show instead of price” is selected, as the portal does not support “Show instead of Price” options.
  • Withdrawing a listing from TradeMe – now shows warning about being unable to re-publish listing

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with REANZ listings showing full address incorrectly
  • The publish toggle switch on a template should now no longer throw an error
  • Resolved a bug with being able to send an email to an archived contact in certain scenario
  • Saving a contact’s birthday should now perform as expected
  • Resolved an issue with listing display units not converting correctly
  • Using Send Email/SMS bulk action on inspections now links to listings as expected
  • Improved behaviour of workflow automation triggers
  • Email Campaigns – Removing OFI’s from software now update correctly on templates
  • Email Campaigns – Improve accuracy of click tracking

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