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Why top agencies are investing in their website and where you should start

Imagine this: 

More prospects visiting your website, reading your content, browsing your website and most importantly… giving you their details. You can literally have your prospects knocking on your digital door demanding your services.  

Since the pandemic hit, we have seen a major acceleration in the use of technology in the real estate industry. More buyers & sellers are comfortable transacting through digital channels. Listings are being purchased off the back of virtual tours, auctions are being done online and sellers are putting less value on your bricks and mortar presence and more value on your digital presence. 

Successful agencies have been early adopters in the idea of using their website as a key tool contributing to growth and looking at different ways of investing in their digital shopfront. If your website is easy to use and conducive to generating leads, you are giving your business a competitive edge over your competing agencies.

3 Things you should invest in on your real estate website

1. Setting up your website to grow your database of prospects

A strong database allows you to engage and market to your target audience effectively using email & SMS marketing. 

Using your website to help grow your database can be done in many effective ways, such as landing pages, freemium offers and enquiry forms. All of these methods should be used to assist in growing your database. Why? Because all prospects are in different stages in the sales cycle and this should not disqualify a prospective seller. This is where lead nurturing can be used to develop a relationship with these prospective sellers and gain their trust to list their property with you. 

Setting up your website to prospect for you will give your business the competitive advantage it needs to effectively communicate with your target audience and begin building a marketable database. 

2. Create key landing pages that talk to your core audience 

Building your website without a clear strategy behind who you are targeting is like standing in an empty auditorium and yelling, expecting to be heard. Time and time again, we see real estate websites targeting buyers and not vendors. Your website should be designed and built around targeting your core audience who will constantly generate your business more revenue.

We all want to win more listings. So why not invest in building key targeted landing pages directly talking to sellers? You can quite literally put your website to work by creating a lead generating landing page that assists in the conversion process by purely displaying compelling content with simplistic call to actions and forms.

Things to look for in a compelling landing page:

  • Does it cover the ‘why’? Why should a website visitor trust your service?
  • Does the landing page cover your market offer? What can you actually do for a potential client?
  • Testimonials or recent success stories
  • A simple cut down form or call to action

These pages need to be short and concise to make sure the reader’s attention is maintained while scrolling through the page. If it is too long or unclear, the website visitor will leave and in turn you will experience a high bounce rate and a very low conversion rate. 

3. Create subscription based value-add content

If a website visitor lands onto your website and your website has added value in the form of updating them to a market shift in property value, or even creating a guide to selling your property, they are much more likely to return or subscribe to your mailing list to stay updated. 

The goal for value-add content is to convert a website visitor to a subscriber of your mailing list, or to request a property sale or rental appraisal.

The ‘how’ for this one is easy: after all, you are the industry expert and know the market better than anyone. Starting with at least 1 value-add blog per month with a call to action to either subscribe or to request a property appraisal (depending on the content) is vital with this method. 

Focusing on adding value to your website visitors is a progressive and steady process at gaining trust and building credibility to your brand. Educating and informing your visitors about the industry is also a great way to build a mailing list, which will  assist in growing your database.. This is a great way of positioning your brand as the professional and giving you strong credibility and building trusting relationships with your prospects.

The time is now to start investing into your real estate website and stop treating it like an online postcard

If you would like to find out more about how you can turn your website into a revenue generating machine, book a no obligation, free website consultation today to get started. 

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