Why You Need To Keep Track of KPIs And Commissions

Keeping track of KPI’s in any business is a difficult task, and when you are in big business it becomes such a huge task that you require either a dedicated team to keep track or amazing software that will do the job for you. Of course, the first option is expensive, but it is usually the way most large teams go until they learn that software is the better option.

If your team of agents is large, it’s imperative that you keep track of KPI’s if you want your business to run smoothly into the future. If you don’t know exactly what you agents are doing it can present a large number of problems. It makes it very difficult to tell whether they are putting in the requirements required to meet KPI’s, and it makes it very difficult to manage the data that will gradually build your business. It’s important to know what conversion rates your agents have, and if they are bringing in enough sales leads to make it worthwhile having them onboard.

Keeping track of KPI’s is equally as important as keeping track of agency commissions. Keeping track of commissions and cash flow is another very time-consuming task, but simply must be done. It takes valuable time for your accounting or admin staff and it can be frustrating, to say the least. The time your employees spend on these types of tasks can be very costly at the end of the day. The time it takes to compile commission statements, the time it takes your agents to work out when they will be paid commissions, and the time you spend waiting for cash flow forecasts is wasting time and money that should be spent on more important things.

Without lead generation, your agency doesn’t have sales. This is a simple concept to grasp but getting through the regular maintenance of those leads is hard work. Manually entering data is tedious, making sure all the information is correct, monitoring leads and ensuring they are worthy, sales strategies, and following up all take loads of time, and the best way through it is with tailor-made software that does it all for you.

With the right customised software, you can easily track KPIs, commissions, leads, sales strategies and more. Software that can measure your returns, and alert you when targets are not on track, allows you to take action when it is required.

Eliminating these jobs from the daily tasks of your employees ensures they are being utilised in the areas you need them to be used. It takes the stress off your business and forces your business to grow.

Our system offers complete transparency so you can see how your business is performing, where the issues are and how to fix them.

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