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Your guide to sending email & SMS communications from Arosoftware

Communicating with the contacts in your database by email or SMS is a crucial part of your real estate business.

This guide will help you to choose the best communication method in Aro to ensure you get your message through to the recipient as well as remaining compliant with your anti-spam obligations.

There are 3 methods for sending email and SMS in Arosoftware. 

  1. Campaigns / bulk send
  2. Single send 
  3. Automated workflow communications

Campaigns / bulk send

Using Email or SMS campaigns is recommended when sending an email or SMS to bulk contacts. Using campaigns ensures that your email or SMS is sent gradually to your selected contacts which reduces the likelihood of the email going to spam.

A report is automatically generated for email & SMS campaigns. This gives you insights into the campaigns performance as well as who has unsubscribed or bounced making it easy to identify contacts who have issues with their contact information which can prevent the delivery of your message.

Single send

When communicating with a single contact you should use the send email or send SMS options

Automatic workflow communications

Automatically communicate with your database when certain events or scenarios take place. 

Some of the things you can automate in the click of a button include;

Our optional Automation engine will allow you to create multi step Workflows that send personalised emails and SMS messages to contacts based on numerous triggers such as change of Lead Pipeline status, being added to a contact group, enquiring on a specific type or category of listing and much more…


Q: Why can’t I see the SMS option?
A: To Send SMS from Arosoftware, the SMS module must be activated and SMS credits purchased. See the SMS Overview help article for more information

Q: When should I choose to communicate individually or use a bulk selection?
A: When sending an email to more than one contact it is recommended to use campaigns, using the single send option does allow additional CC and BCC recipients on the email.

Q: Can I send an email or SMS to a contact that is not subscribed?
A: You can use the single send option to email an unsubscribed contact, however to send an SMS the contact must be subscribed.

Q: Why is Domain verification and SMS sender verification required?
A: Ongoing changes to anti spam and anti email spoofing measures by the major email providers such as Gmail and Microsoft require email senders to be verified. The same applies to SMS senders.

Q: How can I find contacts with invalid email addresses?
A: Looking at the Bounced report in a sent email or SMS campaign gives a list of contacts who could not receive the campaign. Common issues are misspelt email address such as,, gmail.con, etc – Learn about reviewing campaign reports ( Video )

If you have any questions, please contact support and our friendly team will help you out.

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